Mary's Bio

Mathematician & Minister

From a young age, I loved math (I know, that makes me a little geeky). For me, math was always about puzzles to solve, ideas to explore, and creativity.  As a math teacher for twenty plus years, it was always my goal to help my students figure out their learning style, so that their creativity and problem solving skills could be maximized.

As a minister, I do much the same.  The problems are different, but the idea that life problems have solutions, that creativity is a useful tool, and that everyone has a way to think through their situation, is not all that different.

As a mathematician and minister, it is my goal to listen to people's stories, hear their needs, and help them figure out their solutions.

I believe it is very important to remember, everyone has a story.  We all want to be heard.  

Listening to one another will be a huge help as we try to find solutions to the needs of our district and country.


I am the proud mother of two adult daughters who bring light into this world everyday.  I am also a ridiculously happy grandma of two little boys and I am eager to share stories of their awesomeness.  Last, but not least, my spouse, Betty McDaniel, and I recently celebrated 24 blessed years together.  Everyday is a day of laughter and love!