I Believe in Justice for All

Standing with Others for Justice

  • Pulse Night Club - I was able to visit the nightclub last summer after the horrific shooting, leaving a rainbow flag as part of the organic memorial to the victims.
  • Standing Rock - when a call went out to clergy members to come support the water protectors at Standing Rock, I felt drawn to go and offer my support.  
  • Women's March in Austin 
  • Pastors for Texas Children - our country needs a fully funded public educational system
  • Muslim Day at the Capitol in Austin - two years ago at this event, a bystander grabbed the microphone and insulted citizens of our state who did not share her faith.  This is not okay.
  • Testimony at the Senate and House State Affairs committees opposing the so-called "bathroom bills". The claim that they are designed to protect women and children is disingenuous at best.  
  • Clergy lobby day in opposition to the numerous anti-LGBTQ bills in our state legislature this past session.
  • I offer financial support to the Equal Justice Center, The Navajo Water Project, and the ACLU