I Believe in Justice for All

Standing with Others for Justice

  • I testified on three different occasions in the Texas senate and house state affairs committees in opposition to the "bathroom" bill.  It was poorly conceived, discriminatory, and protected no one.  Conversely, it put a target on the backs of the transgender community. 
  • I testified in opposition to vouchers during the special session.  Vouchers only harm our neighborhood schools, schools that are already hurting for proper funding.
  • I stood with other clergy in support of Planned Parenthood.  We know that they actually save women's lives because of the services they provide.  Our country and state need organizations committed to women's health care. 
  • Standing Rock - when a call went out to clergy members to come support the water protectors at Standing Rock, I felt drawn to go and offer my support.  
  • Women's March in Austin -Inspiring!
  • Pastors for Texas Children - our country needs a fully funded public educational system
  • Muslim Day at the Capitol in Austin - two years ago at this event, a bystander grabbed the microphone and insulted citizens of our state who did not share her faith.  This is not okay.
  • I stand with the "dreamers" as they seek to live their American dream. 
  • Participated in the clergy lobby day in opposition to the numerous anti-LGBTQ bills in our state legislature this past session.
  • I offer financial support to the Equal Justice Center, The Navajo Water Project, the ACLU, the Institute for Diversity in Civic Life, and other justice oriented organizations.