Believe In What's possible

I believe in caring for our families

The United States has the worst maternal mortality rate among all developed countries.

I believe we should encourage families to work with their physicians to make appropriate decisions about a mother's care.  Let's get the politicians out of making blanket decisions based on political expediency versus real medical needs.


I believe people in our country want health care for all, not less health care.  We have the resources, let's put them to work.

I believe caring for our families also means we need a new comprehensive immigration policy.  Leaving children without a parent because the parent has been deported is not humane, kind, or productive for anyone.  We can feel safe without traumatizing children.  

I believe in caring for our planet

We only have one planet.  There are no "do overs' if we destroy it.  We know what we need to do - produce alternative energy sources (which our district produces in abundance) and produce less pollution (our country is second only to China). 

We don't have to choose between jobs and caring for our planet.  Our district has proven that jobs in alternative energy are possible.

I believe in separation of church and state

All people should be able to practice their faith in safety.  And those who do not claim a faith tradition should also be respected for their views.  Last, but not least, faith should not be a reason to discriminate against others for public services.